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Teen Curriculum Review

Read what other teens have to say about different curricula! If you have an opinion about a curriculum and would like it added to this page, please send in your review.


Submitted by: Demosthenes, age 15

Review: I don't have much of a review since I'm starting them this fall, but my past experiences with A Beka were great. I did best in my subjects that used A Beka Books. They're harder, but they have the main point of the chapter in bold, which really helps for studying.

Overall, would you recommend this for others: Yes

Submitted by: Addison, age 17

Review: A Beka DVDs film the classes at A Beka Christian Academy in Pensacola, Florida. All of the teaches have alot of experience and are excellent teachers. I have been using A Beka for my entire homeschool career, and the books are excellent. It is one of the harder curriculum's though. And probably shouldn't be used for someone coming right out of public school. It can be difficult to keep up.

Overall, would you recommend this for others: Yes

Submitted by: Julia, age 15

Review: Like many of Dr. Wile's science books, this biology book has wonderful study guides, On Your Own questions, and pictures to help a student remember the facts. It covers the cell, the five Kingdoms and their Phylum's, as well as genetics and the theory of evolution. However, unlike Dr. Wile's other books, concepts aren’t as well explained. I found it hard to understand processes like mitosis and meiosis, and many times had to resort to another book to figure them out.
Overall, would you recommend this for others: No

Submitted by: Shaun, age 14

Review: Sonlight is a curriculum that chooses books, and yes, they do get permission from the people who wrote the books. They don't make their own books, but choose books they think will be most helpful and send them to you. They also have a huge variety of books to read, specifically for history. All in all, Sonlight is the curriculum I have used all my life and it has been very helpful. We haven't used their curriculum for every subject, but you aren't required to.
Overall, would you recommend this for others: Yes

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